ELSA manages a diversified portfolio of minority investments in seven companies in the life sciences industry. In total, the portfolio contains a number of compounds in varying development stages, all of which target multi-billion-Euro markets in the life science sector.


Glycotope GmbH
Glycotope, which was founded in 2001, has become a global leader in the glycosylation of biopharmaceuticals with more than 150 employees at two sites in Germany (Berlin and Heidelberg). Glycotope’s glyco-engineering technology utilizes and optimizes human sugars – not suboptimal animal sugars – which considerably improves the bioavailability of protein-based pharmaceuticals. Glycotope has one of the most comprehensive patent portfolios and currently has four compounds in clinical development, three of which are in Phase II.



Daiichi Sankyo has teamed up with Glycotope to develop antibody-drug conjugate
(press release 30th Oct 2017):

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OCTAPHARMA investiert 80 Mio. EUR in ELSA Portfoliounternehmen Glycotope
(Pressemeldung der ELSA vom 8. Oktober 2015):

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Glycotope and Octapharma enter exclusive worldwide license agreement on human blood coagulation factors
(Press release 8th October 2015):

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Glycotope secures one of the largest financing rounds in the European biotech sector (Press release 11th March 2014):

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Glycotope sichert 100 Mio. EUR zur Finanzierung neuer Medikamente (Pressemeldung vom 11. März 2014):
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CC-Ery GmbH

CC-Ery GmbH

CC-Ery is currently developing a new type of haemoglobin-based oxygen carrier to provide the world with the first safe and efficacious blood substitute and oxygen therapeutic. The successful development of the blood substitute may not only address the worldwide need for blood in clinical environments, emergency situations, and battlefield scenarios, but it may also help to overcome the severe drawbacks related to blood donations, such as the risks associated with disease transmission, blood group dependence, and very limited storage time. CC-Ery GmbH was founded in 2008 as a spin-off of the Centre of Transfusion Medicine at Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin.


CC-Ery was among the finalists of the 2013 Falling Walls Venture that is carried out by the Falling Walls Foundation in order to award the start-ups with the most promising breaktrough potential.
Newspaper article 9th November 2013: pdf Download
Certificate Falling Walls Venture 2013: pdf Download

Myelo Therapeutics

Myelo Therapeutics GmbH
Myelo Therapeutics is a pharmaceutical company that develops innovative treatments in areas with high unmet medical needs. Its lead compound, Myelo001, is a small molecule for the treatment of patients with chemotherapy-induced neutropenia and thrombocytopenia.


FDA Grants Myelo Therapeutics Orphan Drug Designation for Myelo001 as Treatment for Acute Radiation Syndrome              (Myelo press release 25th September 2018): pdf Download


Myelo Therapeutics chosen to participate in Elsevier Incubator Project (Myelo press release 1st December 2016):
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Myelo Therapeutics behandelt erste Patientin in Phase II Studie
(Pressemeldung Myelo vom 16. April 2016):
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Myelo erhält Genehmigung des BfArM zur klinischen Prüfung
(Pressemeldung der ELSA vom 15. Dezember 2015):
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Myelo Therapeutics Receives Approval to Start Phase II of Myelo001 in Chemotherapy-induced Neutropenia and Closes Series B Financing Round
(Myelo press release 15th December 2015):
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Start der klinischen Entwicklung in den USA - Myelo Therapeutics schließt weitere Finanzierungsrunde ab
(Pressemeldung der Myelo vom 20. Juni 2017):
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Myelo Therapeutics conducts successful Pre-IND meeting and completes new financing round
(Myelo press release 20th June 2017):
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OctreoPharm Sciences GmbH

OctreoPharm Sciences is a pharmaceutical development company focused on proprietary radiopharmaceuticals for neuroendocrine tumours. Lead product is therapeutic SOMther®, a somatostatin receptor seeking Y-90 labelled peptide that is developed together with SOMscan®, a Ga-68 based companion diagnostic.

Ipsen has closed acquisition of Octreopharm Sciences GmbH (Pressemeldung vom 30. Juni 2015)

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Avitop GmbH

Avitop GmbH

Avitop is developing a new generation of nutritional supplements and food concepts. Its first product, Coreotics, is a proprietary strain that was specifically selected for its unique human related health properties and can also be used in  the production of fermented milk products.


Adelheid GmbH

ADELHEID GmbH is the principal holding company for AE Pharma GmbH, a promising company in pharma wholesale. AEP will revolutionize the market by offering significant product discounts to pharmacies through its innovative distribution structures. The team consists of leading industry experts, all of whom have a proven track record.


SurgicEye GmbH

SurgicEye delivers tumor imaging and navigation solutions, as well as tools and services to provide high quality, customized and affordable patient treatment. With declipse®SPECT, SurgicEye released its first product for navigated radio-guided surgery based on the handheld 3-D freehand SPECT/ultrasound imaging technology.


Viomedo UG

Viomedo provides first online platform to make clinical development radically more efficient
by connecting and aligning all key stakeholders, making innovative therapies available faster, cheaper and easier. For the first time patients have all the information accessible to consider trial participation alongside other therapeutic options while industry has the possibility to enter the most efficiant recruitment channel to avoid high costs through trial delays.